Cotton is an excellent material that combines comfort, warmth and softness.

Cotton is a natural textile fiber that comes from the homonymous plant. Its qualities are manifold:

  • Elastic fiber
  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Isolate
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Modal / Micromodal

It is a fiber produced from the pulp of beech wood. The fabrics created with this fiber are smooth and soft, do not become frayed and can be ironed exactly like cotton.


Silk is a light, fluid, sensual and delicate material. It is a natural protein fiber of animal origin. Its strong insulating power makes it indispensable in the world of lingerie to offer women garments that keep the body temperature warm when it is cold and cool in summer. Silk is a quality material thanks to its softness, shine, finesse and delicacy.


Lace is an openwork fabric made up of weaving threads, this braided thread offers a great variety of designs with games of transparency. The laces we use are of the highest quality and allow a perfect fit thanks to their delicacy and finesse.


Embroidery is a technique that involves sewing threads of the same or different colors on a material to create a pattern. The embroidery guarantees the quality of a high definition design and excellent resistance in the use of the garments.